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KGB Keylogger

All keystrokes, applications and URLs opened access local or remote computer.


"All keystrokes, applications and URLs opened access local or remote computer."
indir.biz Editor: You buy a computer for children. For them, so you can increase their IQs to buy tons of educational software. A broadband Internet connection to provide for the children absorb useful information for payment. And what happens? Instead, well, they end up playing with her stupid video game using a computer. In addition, site visits never know what's on the internet. One day in your home through peer-to-peer network, credit card fraud or pirated media content distribution officer talks about the family can find.

All the time to spend on your computer, children are not watching. Work for the care of children entrusted ReFog KeyLogger. This program is installed to the computer records all keystrokes. In addition, the window titles of all applications run saves. In addition, all monitors visited URLs. Program stays invisible. Can not be seen with Windows Task Manager. Order shown.

To do
With a secret key combination Keylogger ReFog You know, every time the children need to know what to do. And learn how to easily export logs into Excel for a week I spend time each application, for example. You can also view the contents of e-mail, URLs, and all their passwords for all accounts on-line visit. Even not necessary to access directly to the PC. Reports via e-mail ReFog Keylogger you can send.

A good idea "is to spy a bit more than self. Giriş info or any text you enter will not lose. Everything is stored safely ReFog Keylogger log.

This is your spouse, friend or colleague espionage is not a good idea. Technically possible, but for ethical reasons aside, it may not be legal in your country. Before you begin, ask yourself if your spouse spies really want to know whether I want my opinion ... Now you can free download KGB Keylogger

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